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SS Trays for Tray Dryer

Since our establishment, pharma equipments is specializing in manufacturing and supplying general equipments for pharmaceutical. Combining enrich experience with high-tech manufacturing facilities, we have steadily grown over the years and have demonstrated the potential to become a major manufacturer and exporter of general pharma equipments.


The apron hanging & storage cabinet, ss cross over bench, ss tray dryer trolley, ss instruments storage cupboard, ss cage trolley, ss shipper trolley, ss weight box trolley, ss animal cage trolley, storage rack, ss animal cage and others are known for their excellent features such as robust design, high storage capacity, less floor space consume.

SS Working Table
General Equipments for Apron Hanging & Storage Cabinet General Equipments for Chemical Mixing SS Plant General Equipments for Stainless Steel Clamps

Apron Hanging & Storage Cabinet

Chemical Mixing SS Plant

Stainless Steel Clamps
General Equipments for SS Cross Over Bench General Equipments for SS Toggle Clamps General Equipments for SS Instruments Storage Cupboard
SS Cross Over Bench
SS Toggle Clamps

SS Instruments Storage Cupboard

General Equipments for SS Screw General Equipments for SS Cage Trolley General Equipments for SS Shipper Trolley
SS Screw

SS Cage Trolley

SS Shipper Trolley

General Equipments for SS Weight Box Trolley General Equipments for SS Tray Dryer Trolley General Equipments for SS Animal Cage Trolley
SS Weight Box Trolley
SS Tray Dryer Trolley

SS Animal Cage Trolley

General Equipments for Tobacco Mixing Unit General Equipments for Storage Rack General Equipments for SS Animal Cage
Tobacco Mixing Unit
Storage Rack

SS Animal Cage