Sterile & Injectable Division

We are well-established sterile & injectable division manufacturer and supplier of pharma machinery & furniture for pharmaceutical and allied industries. Besides this our company also manufactures custom made equipments for pharmaceutical.

SS Bucket, SS Chair (Fix & Revolving), SS Dustbin (Foot Operated), SS Pallet, SS Stool Fix, SS Storage Tank, SS Tool Box, SS Working Table, SS Wash Basin, SS Sink Units, SS Foot Operated Dustbin, SS Instruments Storage Cupboard, Stainless Steel Wire Dustbin, SS Sheaves for Shifter & Wire Mesh, SS Soap Stand, SS Grating for Washing Area

SS Bucket

SS Chair (Fix & Revolving)

SS Dustbin (Foot Operated)

SS Pallet

SS Stool Fix

SS Storage Tank

SS Tool Box

SS Working Table

SS Wash Basin

SS Sink Units

SS Foot Operated Dustbin

SS Instruments Storage Cupboard

Stainless Steel Wire Dustbin

SS Sheaves for Shifter & Wire Mesh


SS Grating for Washing Area